Academic Support Services

Reading Support

The purpose of our full time reading specialist is to assist students with specific academic needs in reading and support teachers in and outside of the classroom.  Students work with the reading specialist one on one, and in small groups.  Students are given focused instruction on:



  • phonemic awareness

  • phonics

  • comprehension

  • fluency

  • vocabulary


Students are assessed throughout the year on these skills.  For our developing readers are progressed monitored every three weeks  to inform instruction and celebrate growth.



Math Support

The goal of our full-time math interventionist is to assist students with specific academic needs in mathematics, advise parents, and aid teachers so students with mathematical challenges receive the support necessary to be successful in the 21st century.  

Our math interventionist provides instruction in a small group setting of fewer than 6 students at one time. Skills are revisited with mini-lessons which reteach, practice and extend the concepts as needed. Informal and formal assessments are administered to check progress. The program is fluid in that students can move in and out of the program as they become more successful and independent in their skill areas.  This support is unique to ITA in that we provide support daily to each grade level for 30-45 minutes.

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